Passionate Pomegranate Dish

Course Fruity Dish
Prep Time 30 minutes
Servings 1 person
By Nichlas Brandon


  • 2-3 medium size pomegranates deseeded
  • 1 large avodaco sliced
  • orange juice (freshly squeezed from 1 orange)
  • 2-3 tablespoons olive oil extra virgin
  • cayenne pepper (90.000 heat units) as tolerated
  • 40-100 grinds mixed peppercorns


  1. Get ingredients ready for preparation and use.

  2. Deseed the pomegranates and add to your salad bowl.

  3. Add the sliced avodaco, olive oil, fresh squeezed orange juice, mixed peppercorns and cayenne pepper, and mix contents with utensils.

  4. Done! You're medicinal dish is ready for serving.

Recipe Notes

As always, try as best you can to procure and use organic ingredients. Make sure to rinse and clean your produce properly before use.

Use cold-pressed, organic, non-refined and unheated oils only.

Look for olive oil in dark bottles that contain sediment at the bottom, indicating a high quality, natural, and unrefined extra virgin olive oil that was packaged while the oil was fresh.

Tavis' preferred olive oil brands include Alive Organic California Heritage Olive OilBariani Olive Oil, and Middle Earth Olive Oil.

Special ingredient(s) used: